After I Have Trapped A Skunk, What Do I Do With It?

What to Do with a Trapped Skunk

A skunk got on to your property. It was a danger and problem for you, and you did the right thing – you trapped it. Now that you have that out of the way, what are you going to do next? It is in the cage, sure, but you do not have any idea of what your plan of action should be. Luckily, the steps following this are simple. With the trapped skunk, you already did that hard part. Now it is about knowing where to take it. This process does not have to be difficult. You can have the skunk gone with no trouble or issues arising.

Know the Laws

When it comes to trapping and relocating skunks, the laws differ from state to state. You want to look up the laws in your local area before deciding anything. In some cases, they may restrict trapping entirely. When they allow trapping, they may restrict where and when you can relocate, or whether that is an option at all. Looking up the local laws can help you to stay safe legally.

Where to Relocate

In cases when relocation is an option, or if you plan to relocate regardless, there are certain areas where relocation is best. Before doing this, make sure you have a cloth of some type over the trap and that you wear protective gear. This reduces the risk of attacking and spraying. You want somewhere wooded, with plenty of places for the skunk to run and hide. It should have plentiful foods and water, or be near foods and water. The area should be away from humans or anything dangerous, like roads. You do not want to put it on someone else’s property, nor do you want it to be at risk due to traffic or construction. A wooded area is perfect for a skunk. It will have nearly everything they need and, generally, be safe. You can look into local recommendations for where to relocate, or you can contact someone who knows about skunk relocation. There may be professionals in your area who can help.

Secure the Area

With the skunk gone, secure your property so that another cannot enter. Repair holes in the fence and property, pick up foods that may attract them, and do what you can to keep the skunks away. There are plenty of options for removing skunks from your property after trapping them. Look into local laws and locations to figure out what is best.

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