How Do You Find A Dead Opossum And Get Rid Of It?

Finding and Removing a Dead Opossum

No one wants a dead opossum on their property. Sure, you do not want it alive, either, but dead opossums have their own concerns and problems. Dead opossums can spread disease, attract insects, and create a foul odor. Having them anywhere on your property is going to cause issues for you. You are going to be at risk and your home will remain inhabitable for a while. The only way to return things to normal is to remove the dead opossum. Finding and removing the dead opossum is possible, even if it is stuck in the walls. It may take some effort and time, but it is doable.

Finding the Opossum

Even if you cannot see it, you can still find the opossum, no matter where it is. Whether in the yard or in the walls, it is possible to find its location through a specific sense: smell. Dead animals give off an unmistakable, powerful odor. It is a smell you are going to notice right away, and is likely why you want to find it. That odor is strongest the closer you get to the body. If you are right by it, it will overpower you. If you want to find the opossum, all you have to do is figure out where the smell is at its strongest.

Removing the Opossum

After you have found the location of the opossum, you have to go about removing it. If it is somewhere accessible, then good. You can go into attics, garages, bins, sheds, and other locations with an available access point. If this is the case, go in with protective gear and a bag, remove the body carefully, and look around for any other opossums or any young. Throw the bagged opossum away and move on to the cleaning process. If the opossum is in a wall, which does happen, you will have to cut a hole into the wall where the opossum is. Cut open a hole big enough to access the opossum and complete the steps above for removal. After the body is out, clean up the area. Use a deodorizer and disinfectant to clean up the area and remove the smell. Do a thorough job so that nothing is left behind. If you cut open a hole, cleanup and repair are easy and cheap.

Do not let a rotting opossum run you out of your home. Finding and removing it easy possible, no matter where it is.

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